64th Armor Regiment Unit Crest Military Vinyl Transfer Decal

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64th Armor Military Decal

The 64th Armor Regiment is an armor regiment of the United States Army, organized under the United States Army Regimental System. It is descended from the 758th Tank Battalion (Light) that served in the Italian Campaign during World War II. Redesignated as the 64th Tank Battalion, it was assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division during the Korean War and it spent most of the Cold War stationed in West Germany before elements were transferred to Ft. Stewart, Georgia in the late 1990s. The regiment participated in Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Desert Fox, Desert Spring, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.
The 64th Armor Regiment's insignia is a black African elephant with two white tusks, symbolic of the unit's history as an all-African-American unit with two white officers and also symbolic of the modern role of tanks.
Upon saluting a superior officer the Battalion's slogan is spoken with the superior officer responding "We Pierce". In example, "Rampage" "We Pierce".
1st Battalion - Desert Rogues
2nd Battalion - Rogue (deactivated 1996)
3rd Battalion - Rampage (deactivated 1993)

4th Battalion - Tuskers (deactivated 2009)