USDOT Registration Number Sticker

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Our US DOT Registration Number decal stickers are die-cut from high quality vinyl.  You will receive your US DOT Registration Number on one, ready to apply sheet. The color you choose will be the lettering color and the vehicle color will serve as the background color. For greatest visibility, especially at night, choose reflective color from the color choices.  Not all colors come in reflective so look for the asterisks(*) in the color chart. All products are made and produced right here in the USA. If you have any questions prior to purchasing, please email us at

Step 1. Insert the text you want (ex.  US DOT 123456).

Step 2. Pick your font.

Step 3. Pick your color.

Step 4. Let us know if you have any special instructions we need to know about.

Step 5. Pick a size. (We have four sizes to choose from: 2", 2.5", 3", or 3.5")

Step 6. Choose if you want your letting to be reflective (Not all colors are available in reflective.  Look for the asterisks (*) on the color choice chart.

Step 4. Choose a Quantity. (If you need to letter both sides of your truck, you will need to change your quantity to 2)

Step 5. Click Add to Cart.